Snow Removal Plan

Dependable Snow Removal asks that you kindly ensure that your driveway is clear of any and all vehicles by 9:00a.m. in the morning.  Please ensure to park your vehicle at least 8 feet away from your driveway so that our tractors have enough room to properly clear your driveway.

For snow removal during the night, we ask that our customers ensure to leave a space of 6-feet between their vehicle and the road, so that the tractors can clean the end of the driveway efficiently. Our snow removal equipment needs 12-feet of clearance in height.  Therefore, please ensure that any tree branches are pruned or tied out of the way so as to not interfere with our equipment.

Please bear in mind that  if you choose to shovel the snow in front of your garage or from your sidewalk onto your driveway that you do this PRIOR to 9:00a.m. in the morning.  This will ensure that you get a completely cleared and cleaned out driveway.  However, if you end up shoveling the snow from those areas after 9:00a.m., please note that we will not be returning to clear away that snow.

Points to Keep in Mind

Dependable Snow Removal is keen to ensure that each and every driveway is cleaned and cleared of all snow.  However, in order to make sure that this is possible, we would ask that our clients remember to put away anything that could prevent us from clearing your driveway properly.  Please ensure that things such as garbage cans, etc. are put away.  Our drivers will not be moving anything in order to clear your driveway.

Also, please endeavour to keep your driveway or entrance as ice-free as possible, by spreading salt or other products to help melt any ice.  This is particularly needed if you have a steep driveway.